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Blog is under major changes... hopefully emerging with more intelligent content. Heehee.
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just trying this new extension from firefox.

im loving this browser!  you people should go and try this.  better than opera in my opinion. =D

back to work na!

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im back! not really... just wanted to post this mushy thing. =D hehe.

so what's going on in my life? not much:

1. found a new hobby, crochet!
2. trying to learn how to drive... although i think i broke our car. woopsie.
3. trying to have a vacation. hopefully next week meron na akong vacation.
4. got a dog! i'll post pictures of the cutest sweetest pitbull... bruno!
5. losing weight! coolnes. pilates is the shiznit! =D i think ive lost at least five pounds already. wala pang one month! coolness talga.


had a semi-vacation yesterday... thanks crabby! kaya mahal kita eh. =D we went to this resort in rizal. had a fun and funny time. all that for the low low price of 600 pesos! =D hahaha. and i got a tan at that. san ka pa. 9 waves (the resort) has this wave pool, ang cute kasi yung edge ng pool was colored like sand, tapos merong faux palm trees. beach effect! cute.


i'll post pictures of bruno when i have updated ones.
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got time to update my journal... not really. i miss you LJ! and have i got a lot of voyeuring to finish. hehehe. may i just say that there are TONS of things you miss when you're not online regularly.


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You are

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2 weeks until judgment day! waaaaah!!! ayaw ko mag finals... =( gusto ko na magbakasyon!!! owel. cant do anything about that.
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i keep forgetting to welcome my way older sister (wehehehe) doc_pauline

hi tiboo!  welcome to LJ, the land of whatever you want it to be. =D


omg oh my gosh oh my gulay!!  arrrrggggghhhh.Collapse )

to those lucky people with lotsa spare time, please go to the UP Fair and eat at Yellow Cab!  thanks so much.  you're going to make our block so happy. mwah mwah in advance. =D

someone gave me flowers last valentine's day!  yikee.  thanks crabby. na-appreciate ko naman kahit im not a big fan of the day.

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crabby bought a puppy!  it's a she-pitbull.  i don't understand why it's so hard to name a dog.  well, pwedeng ako lang ang may hang-ups about doggy names.  hehe.  ayoko kasi ng common.  pakialamera talaga ako.  it's not even my dog, but of course i had to name her.

meet kitchie!Collapse )

i got so tired today taking care of this little fellow.  grabe, ang kulit!!



it's amazing what a few moments can give you: glimpses of the future, peace that you made a right choice for once, reminders that although no one is perfect somehow there is perfection.  it pays to have faith.

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